Green building certification


What if

designing a sustainable building gets rewarded with a certificate.

DELTA offers certification services for both commercial and residential buildings; this applies to new construction projects as well as for properties in operation. Depending on your preference and strategy, there are LEED, BREEAM- or DGNB certifications for a new construction project, and BREEAM In-Use certification if you have just completed construction or if you have an existing building in operation. For CEE and other emerging markets, we can also offer EDGE certification as a simpler alternative to the standards mentioned above. Certification standards have been developed primarily for the purpose of addressing numerous environmental issues. By doing so, they offer tangible benefits to both building owners and users:

For developers/investors/owners

  • Increased asset value and rental rates
  • Competitive advantage on the market
  • International recognition
  • Improved energy efficiency and reduction of operating costs
  • Positive contribution to the ‘company’s public image

For occupants

  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Improved lighting and daylighting
  • Reduction of sick days
  • Increased productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Improved shopping experience (for shopping/retail centers)

Your contact for all questions regarding our certifications

Maxym Zayika

BREEAM Assessor
BREEAM In-Use Auditor
DGNB Auditor
EDGE Expert

tel: +38 044 498 12 67
fax: +38 044 498 12 68
mobile: +38 097 141 9779