Architectural competition victory: an indoor swimming pool in the shape of an ammonite

Ammonit_Ebelsberg_architektura DELTA Group

The city of Linz is planning an extension and renovation of the sauna oasis in the Ebelsberg district. The sauna oasis will also be supplemented by several swimming pools and an ice-skating rink. Delta Podsedensek Architects ZT GmbH with the support of the Slovakian DELTA SK was one of the architectural firms commissioned to develop the architectural concept for this leisure project and emerged as the winner of the architectural competition.

Mayor Klaus Luger and Councillor Michael Raml proudly presented the result of the architectural competition for the Ebelsberg indoor swimming pool. “Ebelsberg and Pichling have grown strongly in recent years. Therefore, the infrastructure, such as schools and kindergartens, must also grow. The desire for an indoor swimming pool for the dynamic southern residential area of Linz is obvious. I am delighted that the winner of the competition for the indoor swimming pool project has now been chosen and that we can thus take a look at the future of leisure activities in the south of Linz,” says Mayor Klaus Luger.

Skizze_Lagerplan_bestehende Saunaoase + Hallenbad Ebelsberg

Architectural concept: an oasis of relaxation: in the water, in the park, and on the ice

A new world of Linz AG is opening up in Ebelsberg: An oasis of relaxation in the water, in the park, and on the ice. The new building of the Ebelsberg sauna world fits snail-like into its surroundings. The ammonite has arrived, with its upwardly tapering shape, the giant rests gently in the park. Soft, rounded shapes run gently through the entire building, which winds around a green center. Family-friendly, the snail-shaped building is open to all who seek variety out of home. And that at any time of the year.

The ammonite form provides a pleasant interplay of open and quiet retreat zones. The flowing form extends from the architecture to the furnishings. At the same time, there is always a view of the greenery, and orientation is intuitive. The entrance hall, cloakrooms, swimming pool, and catering area are fanned out around the flowering atrium.

Prehistoric inspiration becomes modern architecture

The concept of the building allows a view of the greenery and the arrangement of the interior spaces is very intuitively conceived. This atrium consists of natural greenery that gives the visitor inside the feeling of swimming in the treetops. At the same time, the atrium is a source of light and is suitable for wheelchair users. The shape of the ammonite creates several height layouts that are structured according to their respective use. In order to emphasize the upper floor (= swimming level), the lower floor (= entrance area) is set back. This way, guests arriving by public transport can find their way to the oasis via a covered entrance with a green façade stretched out in front of it.

AmmonitEbelsberg_Aussenansicht_DELTA Group

It is a great project that gives our DELTA PODS Architects the opportunity to establish the vision of a completely unique indoor swimming pool in the city of Linz. DELTA PODS Architects from Vienna and Bratislava developed the architectural study together with The collaboration with an international team of architects has once again shown that our guiding principle “We give cooperation” leads to high-quality results that give both the client and the future user a good feeling.

Thomas Wolf, architect at DELTA PODS, describes his idea: “Swimming in the treetops, in an open swimming pool, is the aim of the design. To create an adventure pool for young and old, in which a clear routing unites the different areas such as swimming, sauna, or ice skating; the project lives up to this claim.”

If you are interested in the project, you can read details about it in our references HERE.

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