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DELTA invests seven figures in, pushes ATMOS project, and jointly develops Europe’s first department for disruptive disciplines in the Tabakfabrik Linz.

The internationally active DELTA Group strengthens its portfolio by joining GmbH and entering into a partnership with the renowned real estate group SORAVIA. COO Dr. Maria Dietrich also becomes a new shareholder. The link to the DELTA Group is formed by the new CMb CFO and co-owner of the DELTA Group, DI Ingo Huber.

Founder and CEO Chris Müller says: “In order to realize special projects, such as ATMOS Research&Resort, you not only need the right mindset and constant striving, but also a multitude of skills, disciplines, agile processes, and a place of enabling. We are proud and happy to have found an optimal implementation partner in the DELTA Group, with whom we are now also launching a project that is unique in Europe: The Department of Disruptive Disciplines in the GRAND GARAGE of the Tabakfabrik Linz.”

For Linz Mayor Klaus Luger, this is the right step in times of Green Deal and Bauhaus 4.0: “If we take the ‘New European Bauhaus’ initiative seriously, we must promote platforms for experimentation and networking. In recent years, the Tabakfabrik Linz has undertaken a prototypical transformation from Bauhaus 1920 to Bauhaus 4.0, where the bridge between science and technology, art and culture, living space, and Green Deal succeeds through collaboration. The construction industry in particular has a massive impact on the way we live, shape our city and influence our environment. Securing the high standard of living in Linz for generations to come is my greatest concern as mayor. That is why I am delighted that the first hub for urban development is opening in Linz. The Department of Disruptive Disciplines is the right push at the right time in the right place.”

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f.l.t.r.: Wolfgang Kradischnig (DELTA), Maria Dietrich (, Peter Steurer (CFO SORAVIA), Wolfgang Gomernik (DELTA), Chris Müller (, Ingo Huber (DELTA) und Erwin Soravia (CEO SORAVIA)

Rethink building through mason’s lodge 4.0

Forced by digitalization, technological development, demographic change as well as environmental and value issues, the international real estate industry is undergoing rapid change and has to master major challenges. In Europe’s cities, there is a paradigm shift from an individual approach to holistic thinking.

“We are a holistic service provider in building construction, a creative building expert, and the right partner to give space to innovative ideas. Our slogan is not called ‘We give cooperation’ for nothing. We have been able to accompany ATMOS from the very beginning and help shape this pioneering project. In association with and SORAVIA, we want to expand our pioneering position in the field of future-oriented technologies and make an important contribution to society through cooperative, reliable, and forward-looking action. In this way, we obtain know-how about sensor and satellite technology and extend the view – from the foundation to outer space. Our vision is to create sentient buildings and sensitive cities by means of IoT,” says Wolfgang Kradischnig, CEO of DELTA Holding GmbH.

“New competencies are needed, existing networks are linked and talents are sought for new professions. This development challenges the current products, structures, and value creation processes in and around real estate and adequate answers can only be found through cooperation,” adds Wolfgang Gomernik, CEO of DELTA Ukraine and responsible for Business Development, Alliances and Digitalization in the DELTA Group. “Creating a platform in an inspiring environment, such as the Tabakfabrik, is a format of innovation for us and our customers and offers the possibility of international exchange.

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Technology alliance with the GRAND GARAGE

Ruth Arrich-Deinhammer and Werner Arrich, the two CEOs of the GRAND GARAGE, see the establishment of the construction industry alliance as “a powerful demonstration of the magnetism of the GRAND GARAGE, the Tabakfabrik, and Linz. The implementation of the radical collaboration orientation of the city’s shared innovation ecosystem is taken to the next level with this step.”

World-class wonder chamber of making

“With the Department of Disruptive Disciplines, we are developing new processes and projects at the interface of real estate development, urban development, technology, digitalization, and society. Already with the first jointly submitted proposal, our alliance was able to celebrate an international success,Ingo Huber, new CFO at as well as owner representative of DELTA Group, is pleased to say. “And, not only our topics are extraordinary, but also our alliance, since star architect Wolf D. Prix with Coop Himmelb(l)au, Harald Katzmair of FASresearch, lawyer construction and real estate expert Markus Singer, COFO Entertainment, HuemerIT as well as the Future Health Lab of ORF health expert and doctor Prof. Siegfried Meryn are among our partners in the department.”

Maria Dietrich, COO of GmbH since its founding in 2016, will become a new shareholder and will continue to form the new management team as an authorized officer alongside Chris Müller and Ingo Huber. “As a ‘Think & Do Tank’, is located in Europe’s first and thus also largest 5G Maker Space, the GRAND GARAGE, and is part of the innovation universe of the Tabakfabrik Linz. This means we can offer our customers a chamber of wonders for working, which is suitable for all types of innovation. Through us, there is access to an open workshop with over 90 professional machines and access to digital technologies, a welding workshop, CNC milling, 3D printers, industrial robots, and laser cutters. These tools and all creativity are required when it comes to the challenges of climate change and the EU’s goals of combining sustainability and aesthetics, making them tangible and affordable. With ambitious ‘Green Line’ projects and the competencies of our partners, we want to make a significant contribution to the idea of a ‘new European Bauhaus’,” says Dietrich.

ATMOS Resort&Research, a core project of, is also a core project of the department. COO Eva Aspalter is leading the innovation process with department partners HuemerIT and Cloudflight. “Climate targets, quality of life, and urban development can no longer be thought of without the air factor. ATMOS has built up know-how in this area, which can now be implemented on a broader scale. For our holistic approach, the department offers the optimal prerequisite, as several disciplines meet here, which we unite in applications.”

The offerings of the Department of disruptive Disciplines will soon be available at

Vizualizace projektu ATMOS Resort

Further information:

About develops and advises greenfield, brownfield, and special projects with specific ecology for international clients. At the same time, and CEO Chris Müller are co-founders of ATMOS Aerosol Research, which specializes in measuring air quality and its health effects. (access only possible with password)


ATMOS Resort & Research

One of these ambitious projects is the ATMOS Selfness Resort, a vision of Chris Müller, whose daughter was born with the rare lung disease “cystic fibrosis”. Together with star architects and Coop Himmelb(l)au Founder Wolf P. Prix, he developed the concept of an avant-garde resort that requires the best air quality on the property and in the residential units and brings regeneration for stressed lungs. Both SORAVIA and DELTA have supported this project from the beginning and are providing their expertise to make the castle in the air a reality. What started as a father’s vision is now an international alliance of interdisciplinary experts. The research results on Covid-19 have brought new attention to the connection between air quality and respiratory diseases. Currently, five of the three leading causes of death are related to the lungs (lung cancer, pneumonia, and COPD), 91 percent of the world’s population already live in polluted air according to the WHO, an hour’s walk along London’s Oxford Street raises inflammation levels in the lungs, 4.2 million deaths worldwide each year are caused by particulate matter. The amount of lung damage Corona is leaving in the population is pushing this health service approach further, which has already produced its first prototypes for end-users.

In a holistic approach, ATMOS combines the fields of medicine, technology, real estate, and tourism, setting new standards in the field of health care. As experts in health-promoting air, ATMOS offers technology, real estate, and smart city solutions as well as proto-modern selfness resorts. With digital services and application products in the field of prevention and therapy, ATMOS improves everyday life. The ATMOS alliance partners include a global network that offers a USP for a market worth billions through its range of expertise.


Partnership, vision, and diversity have made DELTA the successful international group of companies it is today, with several locations in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine. DELTA has already completed numerous successful construction and real estate projects in the fields of industry & office, shopping & entertainment, culture & education, residential construction, healthcare, hotel & wellness, and infrastructure. DELTA is a holistic service provider in building construction, a leading Austrian and Central and Eastern European company, an international expert, a creative building expert, and the right partner to give space to innovative ideas. With decades of experience, unparalleled passion, and an unceasing pioneering spirit, DELTA has always been shaping the building of tomorrow in a sustainable, responsible, and forward-looking way. With its diverse know-how in the fields of architecture, general planning, BIM, construction management, digital data environment, and IT, DELTA always offers new perspectives for the industry. That way, DELTA not only sets exceptional standards for the here and now as well as for a successful future, but also creates real additional value for people and the environment.


SORAVIA is a growth-oriented and owner-managed family business. For over 140 years, the name Soravia has stood for continuity in the construction and real estate business. SORAVIA concentrates on the business areas of urban development, privately financed residential construction, commercial projects, subsidized residential construction, hotel developments, and the revitalization of listed properties. SORAVIA complements its core business of real estate project development with service companies in the areas of facility, property, and asset management. In addition, SORAVIA holds stakes in the internationally renowned auction house Dorotheum and the rapidly expanding hotel group Ruby Hotels.

With more than 600 completed projects and a project volume of over 6.3 billion euros, SORAVIA is one of the leading real estate project developers in Austria and Germany. With all its holdings, SORAVIA employs around 3.330 people.

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