DELTA Ukraine becomes one of the largest investors in the innovation center Promprylad.Renovation

Back in November last year, DELTA Ukraine and Promprylad.Renovation announced a strategic partnership and jointly developed a model of long-term cooperation until the end of 2023. DELTA Ukraine has been leading the process of building an innovation center for more than six months. Also, there is already one functioning building on the Promprylad territory, where events, meetings, and other activities are held.

At the end of May, DELTA Ukraine officially became one of the largest investors in the innovation center Promprylad.Renovation with an investment of 500 thousand dollars by the end of the project.

“Back in the summer of 2020, when we met with the Promprylad team, we felt that there was something special here. The project convinced us with its authenticity, vision, and people. Our investment in Promprylad.Renovation is not just a strategic decision, but also a belief in the power of transforming industrial real estate into an environment for work and life. At DELTA, we believe in the strong power of Urban mining, which we use for Promprylad”, comments Wolfgang Gomernik, co-owner of DELTA Group, CEO of DELTA Holding GmbH and DELTA Ukraine.


Zaměstnanci při focení ocenění

An important part of the meeting was reaching an agreement on cooperation between two DELTA projects: the Linz Tobacco Factory in Austria and Promrylad.Renovation. The Austrian project is one of the successful examples of the revitalization of an industrial plant into a space with 250 organizations of various sizes, the premises of which now offer about 1.850 jobs in various industries. is based in the Tobacco Factory in Linz and specializes in projects like this. Chris Müller, Director of the Linz Tobacco Factory and CEO of, strives for an exchange between the cities and the locations to establish relations between the residents.

“At, we are specialized in brownfield revitalization, we find out what ecology these places need and how to develop them. We are happy to contribute our learning from many Brownfield projects at Promprylad. What’s more, we want to promote the exchange of ideas and talents. This is how we see the future for a diverse Europe“, says Maria Dietrich, COO of

The mission and main ​​responsibility of DELTA Ukraine in the Promprylad project. Renovation is primarily the management of the construction process from design to commissioning in accordance with the latest international standards of green building.

“Building long-term partnerships has always been important to us. At the first meeting with DELTA Ukraine, we immediately realized that we have a full match in values and work principles. We highly appreciate the high professionalism of the DELTA team. In addition, it is important to us that the company focuses on the positive impact of each of its projects. We are very happy with this partnership as well as confident we’ll enjoy long and mutually beneficial cooperation with a positive result for each of the companies and for society as a whole”, says Yuriy Fylyuk, CEO of Promprylad.Renovation.

The services provided by DELTA include the organization of tenders, schedule and cost control, quality control of construction works, and certification of the building according to Green Building standards.

„Now the project is at the stage of design and preparatory work. By the end of 2021, we plan to introduce the first phase of construction“,  comments Volodymyr Dukhanin, project manager at DELTA Ukraine.


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