Green Line

Social design & partnership-based project management

Social design & partnership-based project management

Green projects do not only consist of ecological materials, energy efficiency, consideration of social factors, etc., but also of long-lasting and socially sustainable cooperation in planning and construction. This not only creates a stable basis for the project but ultimately leads to a successful construction project. Within the framework of an interdisciplinary working group of the IG Lebenszyklus Bau trade union, the connection between the lived project culture and the economic success (costs, deadlines, quality, the satisfaction of all those involved) was investigated in cooperation with the Universities of Technology in Vienna and Graz.

To this end, 25 new construction and conversion projects of public and private clients in the field of building and infrastructure construction were analyzed. The influencing factor of the partnership-based project culture was evaluated with 24 questions (rating from 1-10), in the four categories client influence, lived culture/process quality, contractual design as well as user involvement. The success of the project was assessed with 11 questions (also scores from 1-10), consisting of the factors of costs, deadlines, quality, and satisfaction of all project participants. For the stable project success, a high lived project culture is necessary: While mediocrity is at high economic risk, construction projects without a minimum level of the project culture pillar are doomed to failure. Even with a different weighting of hard and soft facts in project success, the importance of the project culture remained equally high.

One thing is clear from the IG Lebenszyklus Bau study: the culture does not have to be perfect, i.e. at the top of 10, because every relationship has its ups and downs. But if you manage to be at the top, crises can be better managed; so, this is why this is primarily about social design as a preventive measure.

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