Once again DELTA awarded as a family-friendly company with the certificate “Carrer & Family”.

DELTA was founded over 40 years ago and has developed into an international group of companies with approximately 200 employees by now. The whole service provider for the construction industry lives a culture of appreciative cooperation, mutual trust and collaboration. The continuous analysis of their own values has made DELTA even more sensitive to the people in the company. Thus, many years ago, the idea was born to evaluate the needs of employees in terms of work-life balance and to take conscious steps to enable a balance between work and private life. Satisfied, healthy, imaginative and motivated employees are DELTA’s greatest potential and give meaning and purpose to our work.

What has already been implemented by DELTA?

  • Development of the DELTA corporate culture
  • Healthy lunch and organic fruit for employees
  • Training program to develop technical, social and personal skills
  • Implementation of a survey for employees with aspects of the compatibility of work and family in combination with an analysis for potential
  • Career and talent management
  • An ongoing mentoring offer for new employees in the company
  • Examination of employees with caregiving obligations

The new steps in DELTA’s commitment as a family-friendly company for the next three years were developed in the last workshop:

  • An employee survey (among other things) on the topic of compatibility of work and family at the beginning of 2020
  • The compatibility of work and family life as an issue on the agenda at the CEO meetings and the human potential and corporate culture meetings
  • Team events incl. employees on maternity leave and employees on leave of absence
  • Family Day
  • Generational Dialogue
  • Health-promoting steps such as healthy organic lunches, information events & sports activities

Olga Winkler, Head of Human Potentials and Corporate Culture at DELTA, says: “It is important to us that all employees have the opportunity to help shape the DELTA vision. The areas of work and private life always flow into each other and should both be given enough space and time in life. For example, when we offer trainings on conflict management, this supports people not only in their work, but wherever they meet others”. Wolfgang Kradischnig, Managing Director and company spokesman at DELTA, is delighted about the received award: “At DELTA, each employee is not only someone who performs, but above all a human being. That is why we have set ourselves the goal of being a good partner and companion for our employees. This simply includes implementing the initiative “Family and Career”.

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