DELTA People

Dmytro Omelchuk

Dmytro Omelchuk, Business Development, DELTA Ukraine

Dmytro Omelchuk is commercial director of DELTA Ukraine.

During his DELTA career, Dmytro established and developed successful long-term cooperation with a number of International Organizations such as UNICEF, World Bank, USAID, and led project management and general contractor projects. By combining his technical and economic knowledge, he was able to advance project and account management as well as business development for DELTA, expand the customer base and build long-term business relationships. He started in 2016 as Deputy Project Manager of the Jaguar Land Rover Showroom at DELTA Ukraine. After four years of steady growth and Dmytro’s contribution as Business Development Manager, he took over the position of commercial director in 2020. Dmytro Omelchuk graduated from the National Technical University of Ukraine as a specialist in power engineering in 2014 and in 2019 he obtained a degree in International Economics from the Institute of International Relations.