DELTA People

Evelyn Parnigoni

Parnigoni Evelyn, Geschäftsführerin Delta Baumanagement GmbH (Copyright Erich Sinzinger)

Evelyn Parnigoni has been Managing Director of DELTA Baumanagement in Vienna since 01.01.2024.

Evelyn Parnigoni joined the DELTA Group back in 2006, made a name for herself as a construction project manager in an industry that was still male-dominated at the time and has been an authorized signatory at Delta Baumanagement GmbH since 2010. Her responsibilities at the company included project management for major construction projects and managing the Vienna site of Delta Baumanagement GmbH. She manages projects in the healthcare sector and has special expertise in construction projects during ongoing operations. Another focus of her work is cost control in projects. Her most successful projects include the clinics of the Vinzenz Group and the “Landesklinikum Baden Mödling”. Evelyn Parnigoni has been working in construction management at DELTA since 2006 and was the first employee to be hired after the opening of the Vienna office. After studying construction management at the FH Joanneum in Graz in 2004, she also passed the master builder qualification examination in 2006.