DELTA People

Markus Hiden

Hiden Markus, Prokurist DELTA Projektconsult

Markus Hiden is an authorized officer of Delta Projektconsult GmbH in Vienna.

He is responsible for the overall project management of large projects and for office management in Vienna. His most challenging projects so far include the completion of the Gerngroß shopping center in Vienna and his involvement in the refurbishment of Shopping City Süd. In his role as the overall project manager, he is also responsible for the projects Franziskus hospital and Malteser religious house in Vienna. He started his career at DELTA in Vienna as a planning employee. He worked on challenging planning of attic conversions and style renovations in the 7th district in Vienna and soon took over the overall project management in several projects. Markus completed his studies of architecture at the TU in Vienna.