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Michael Annerl

Michael Annerl - DELTA Baumanagement

Michael Annerl is a partner and project manager at Delta Baumanagement GmbH and is primarily active in project management at the Vienna site.

In project management and project execution, his main focus is on the handling of complex and organizationally difficult projects as well as crisis management and problem-solving in conflict-laden projects. His current focus is the renovation of the ORF center in Vienna. As a construction project manager, he is mainly responsible for major projects in various areas such as health care (e.g. State Clinic Neunkirchen), university and educational institutions (e.g. WU Vienna), and in the field of shopping and entertainment (e.g. Refurbishment Shopping City Süd). After studying architecture and project management at the FH JOANNEUM Graz, Michael Annerl joined the DELTA Group at the end of 2007 directly after graduating. In his free time, Michael is involved in voluntary work and music. The necessary energy is replenished with the voluntary work, handicraft- and gardening work at home as well as with excursions.