DELTA People

Rudolf Stürzlinger

skupiny společností DELTA a výkonným ředitelem společnosti Delta Projektconsult GmbH Vienna

Rudolf Stürzlinger is co-owner of the DELTA Group, CEO of Delta Ziviltechniker GmbH Vienna and CEO of Delta Podsedensek Architects ZT GmbH.

A culture of partnership is reflected in his social interaction with DELTA’s customers and employees as well as in his cooperation with notable architects, partners and consultants. In 2020, a special highlight for DELTA Architects took place in Vienna with Rudolf Stürzlinger as CEO: The merger of DELTA Architects in Vienna with the notable architectural office Podsedensek. As an Upper Austrian, Rudolf Stürzlinger joined DELTA in 1988 after the HTL for structural engineering and started his career in Wels. His greatest interests include the planning and organization of major projects and the development of the CAD system and standard for DELTA. Four years later, he moved to Vienna to study architecture at the Technical University. This was DELTAs foundation for the fields of general planning and construction site supervision in Vienna. In the following years, this area has developed into a significant player in Vienna with a large number of impressive references. A culture of partnership is an essential criterion of Rudolf Stürzlinger’s work.