DELTA People

Wilhelm Greiner

Greiner Wilhelm, DELTA Firmenmitgründer

Wilhelm Greiner is a co-founder of the DELTA Group, and after his long-standing role as CEO, he is still active as a consultant and active supporter for the DELTA Group.

Wilhelm Greiner’s career began with his training at the HTL in Mödling. It was always clear to him that both the field of construction and technology and the path to independence were the right things for him. After an initial experience in statics and planning, he also passed the master builder’s examination. Then he got the chance to implement projects for the Drugowitsch brothers and thus also to be entrepreneurially active. After ten years, thanks to his enthusiasm and commitment, he became a co-owner with the agreement of his two partners and has remained with DELTA ever since. Wilhelm Greiner retired in 2018 but is still a valuable part of the DELTA Group.