Minerfin. Landscaping of the city of Dniprorudne, Zaporizhzhia region, Ukraine

Project details


Also, the customer is the city of Dniprorudne City Council of the Vasylivsky District of the Zaporizhia Region

Duration of the project: 2019-2022

  • Dniprorudne is a city in the Vasyliv district of the Zaporizhia region. The driving force behind the settlement’s economy is the industrial development of iron ore.
  • Improving social conditions, beautifying the city and providing leisure time is the main priority and goal for each of the project participants.
  • For this, a special program of events has been created, which will help to cope with this need and create comfortable living conditions.

The program of events includes:

  • Current renovation of the Palace of Culture “Hirnyk”;
  • Reconstruction and beautification of the park adjacent to the Palace of Culture “Hirnyk”;
  • Restoration and beautification of the recreation area on the street.
  • Embankment;
  • Construction of a skating rink for mass skating.

DELTA Ukraine performs the functions of the customer in the project.