Refurbishment of the ORF media centre, Vienna

Project details

Client: Österreichischer Rundfunk   Data:

  • Project duration: Staggered conversion of existing buildings – start 01/2014 – 03/2022
  • Construction start: Staggered start of first building 07/2015
  • Construction costs: EUR 303.7 Mio.
  • Area:
    NUFA: 127,781,00 m² (incl. underground car park)
    NUFA: 101.014,89 m² (excl. underground car park)
    of which new build NUFA: 10,455.00 m


  • Project management


  • A hundred-year project in consultation with the Federal Monuments Office (the media centre is almost 100% listed – architect: Roland Rainer 1910-2004)
  • Unique issues and challenges in relation to TV processing and production
  • Refurbishment and new build with the prospect of achieving gold building certification (New build target klimaaktiv Gold)
  • Complex client