Construction Management

Headquarter BMW Ukraine

Carefree construction management with DELTA

As project managers, our main concern is to ensure that all costs, deadlines and qualities are met in the project. The client can, therefore, easily delegate tasks such as project management and project control to us. We ensure that you keep your project on track through exact project definition, forward-looking planning and flexible control. For the client, there is also the possibility to take over the task of project management himself, in which case we are his right hand and position of trust in project management. We create and coordinate the complete process of the project. We set up organization, schedule and payment plans, and monitor their compliance. We also provide the client with regular reports on the status of the project. This helps to make clear decisions, and difficulties can be identified early on. We are the central interface between the client and the construction project. We take care of your project in order to ensure that you can concentrate on your core business without worries!

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Due Diligence

A real estate transaction requires information that provides a solid basis for decision-making. Due Diligence is such a basis and also necessary for a subsequent feasibility study. We offer due Diligence in technical, regulatory, and economic fields. Before you start your project, you will be confronted with many questions. We examine all these aspects and more in detail for you and are also happy to assist you with our network.

Our Due Diligence Portfolio:

  • Due Diligence for buyers
  • Due Diligence for sellers
  • Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Post-Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Portfolio analysis and evaluation of optimization concepts
  • Deal breaker analysis and Red Flag Report