New outpatient clinic for Dr. Yildirim and her little patients

In just five weeks, the main outpatient clinic in Dr. Yildirim’s practice for children and adolescents was converted. Optimal treatment options for children were already at the center of considerations during the planning phase.

After the renovation work for the outpatient area in the practice started, it was successfully completed in only five weeks. The surgery was not closed during this time in order to remain fully operational for the children who needed medical care. In addition, of course, there was the omnipresent Corona crisis, which also did not make the official procedures any easier for everyone involved and required a great deal of flexibility. In addition, construction work in the adjoining rooms was completed within seven weeks.

Despite conversion work during ongoing operations and the extremely short construction phase, not only the costs but also the opening date were met. The crucial element of the success was that above all the companies carrying out the work were reliable during this short construction period and there was very good cooperation between all those involved. “By keeping our eyes on the common goal and by all those involved in the project pulling in the same direction, we were able to pull it off,” describes overall project manager and architect Tobias Ziegelmeyer.

Ambulatorium Dr Yildirim_DELTA
Ambulatorium Dr Yildirim_DELTA
Ambulatorium Dr Yildirim_DELTA
Ambulatorium Dr Yildirim_DELTA

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