Hotel “Dnipro”, Kyiv, Ukraine

Project details

End date: September 2020

Services provided by DELTA Ukraine: technical due diligence (technical assessment).

Features of the project:

  • More than 1.111 billion hryvnias came to the state budget from the privatization of the Dnipro hotel.
  • In order to provide reliable data, the Agency engaged specialized specialists, including DELTA Ukraine. Our company was responsible for technical due diligence (technical assessment).
  • To carry out the technical audit, DELTA involved about 10 experts of various fields from our team and a project manager with many years of experience in conducting similar assessments, who understands the peculiarities of the construction of such structures and their specificity.
  • The technical due diligence of the Dnipro hotel included several stages, including a thorough study of the facility and its survey, analysis of the received information, and risk assessment. This made it possible to compile the most detailed report with photo fixation, description of the building and its systems, as well as calculation of the main risks from the point of view of technical support.
  • The document contains all the necessary information and will help a potential investor get to know the features of the object in more detail at the stage of purchase.