Jam Factory Art Center, Lviv, Ukraine

Project details


Location of the project: Ukraine, Lviv

Start of work: 2019

Completion of the project: 2022

Usable area: 2702.0 m2

Total area: 3117.9 m2

Building area: 2280 m2

Land plot area: 0.6815 ha

DELTA Ukraine services:

  • Accompanying control
  • Technical supervision
  • Project management

Features of the project:

  • Jam Factory Art Center – an interdisciplinary center of contemporary art in the recreated space of construction factories. A view that, through its exhibition, educational and research activities, reflects current processes in Ukrainian and international art and culture, and also opens up opportunities for public dialogue.
  • Art Center “Jam Factory” is a space that offers various fields – modern art, cinema, theater and music. The building of the Art Center is a unique example of a factory built in the modernist neo-Gothic style at the beginning of the 19th century.
  • The internal re-planning of the existing buildings was carried out in accordance with the functional ones the needs of the cultural and artistic center and modern engineering solutions and did not cause
    significant changes to the appearance of architectural monuments.
  • Operated basement spaces are arranged, at the level of which workshop, artistic, commercial premises of the cafe, as well as premises for maintenance of engineering systems of the building, are designed.
  • The level of the first floor fully meets the needs of the cultural and artistic complex
    “Jam factory”. Exhibition halls have been designed in the restored buildings.
  • The reconstructed buildings contain a cafe, and a hall for spectators, and are necessary for functioning the business premises complex. The following levels of the complex are mixed administration premises of the cultural center, conference hall, restrooms, and