Headquarters of Zeppelin Ukraine, Vyshneve, Ukraine

Project details

Client: Zeppelin Ukraine

Start of work: 2017

Area: 8,015 m2

DELTA Ukraine services:

  • General design
  • Tender Preparation, Procurement
  • Construction management
  • Technical Supervision
  • Author supervision
  • Datenpoo online platform

Location: Vyshneve, Kyiv region, will include the construction of an office part, a training center for customers’ own mechanics and equipment operators, repair shops for equipment and components, spare parts warehouses, a site for storing and demonstrating equipment, and a customs-licensed warehouse.

Work on the project was started back in 2017. Then, with the joint efforts of DELTA Ukraine and DELTA Wels, the concept was developed and the budget was calculated in two months.

Features of the project:

  • The main desire of the customer when developing the concept was the creation of a modern, comfortable, flexible and functional head office of the company, which also includes:
    – Availability of parking.
    – Flexibility of planning and operation of office premises.
    – Ergonomics, ease of use.
    – Real open space.
    – Employer branding.
    – Energy efficiency of buildings.
  • DELTA monitors the quality of work by using modern construction management software – BIM 360 Build and prepares informative reports for the customer using aerial photography from a quadcopter.
  • The Zeppelin project is versatile in terms of the purpose of the buildings and the type of construction. The list of buildings includes both new buildings and those subject to reconstruction.
  • The conditions of reconstruction pose interesting problems from an architectural and construction point of view. The facility is also full of modern engineering solutions. In the buildings, it is planned to install a heating system from air heat pumps and partial coverage of electricity costs due to generation from solar panels.