Multikraft, Pichl bei Wels

Project details


Multikraft Holding GmbH


  • Project duration: 10/2016 – 03/2017
  • Construction period: 8 months
  • Construction costs: EUR 6,8 Mio.
  • New build production area: 1 500 m²
  • New offices: 650 m²
  • Open space and car park: 4 000 m²
  • New build seminar pavilion: 580 m²
  • Project expansion: 2017-2019
  • Project costs: €8,000,000

DELTA’s services

  • Construction Management
  • Construction Cost
  • Project control

Special features

  • Multikraft in Sulzbach have had extensions built to their production
    area and warehouse and a new build events pavilion.
  • New parking spaces including rainwater retention measures were also constructed.
  • Multikraft have made their name with effective microorganisms. These bacteria help flowers and plants to flourish in the field or in the garden; they also improve the effectiveness of household cleaners and cosmetics.
  • Lukas Hader says that with the new extension, production
    and bottling capacity will increase from 20,000 to 50,000 litres per
    day, thus allowing them to meet the higher demand. “Eleven years ago
    we were producing this quantity in a year, now we can do it every day.”

Comment of the project manager

“Keeping production running while still moving forward with the renovation and expansion of the prduction building was certainly the biggest challenge for the client and the construction project.” Ingo Huber, Managing Director of DELTA and Project Manager

Statement of the client

“We were building for almost six months and sometimes we were working on four buildings at the same time while maintaining production operations. But it all worked out”. Lukas Hader, Managing Director, Multikraft

Project video: Multikraft