Schichtgründe: Punctual handover of 250 apartments despite the pandemic


The Corona crisis is not easy for anyone, and this is particularly true for certain project phases: completing and handing over a residential complex with 250 apartments during a pandemic is a real challenge for all those involved.

Despite his young age, our project manager Patrick Exel has already gained several years of experience at DELTA and was mainly responsible for the residential project “Schichtgründe” in the final phase: to be more precise, a multi-storey residential complex in reinforced concrete solid construction with approx. 250 apartments and a floor area of approx. 15,000 m2 of usable residential space, a dormitory with almost 120 beds, business premises and a large kindergarten.and a floor area of approx. 15,000 m2 of usable residential space, a dormitory with almost 120 beds, business premises and a large kindergarten.

“Thanks to the trust developed internally at DELTA and with the client, I was able to finish the project successfully in the extremely challenging final phase as project manager”, our young residential construction expert told us after the project was completed.


…and how did our team manage that?

At the high-quality seminars regularly offered by DELTA, the DELTA project team learned to see difficulties as a challenge and then to work through them step by step. It was particularly important during the process to identify and solve crucial points in planning process together with the project team in order to proactively prevent possible future challenges. For example, this included always keeping an eye on the “core contents” of the project, such as construction and equipment description, tendering, submission plans, etc., in order to stay on track. Furthermore, continuous fine-tuning with the construction company and external project partners was essential for the successful completion of the project.

There also was something with BIM, right?

Yes, that’s right, apart from modern architecture, BIM should of course not be missing from any successful project; working with BIM provided an accurate and three-dimensional overview of the most important building parameters throughout the entire project. The Revit modeling of our experienced DELTA planning team did the rest, because practice makes perfect. Our architects Monika Bachleitner-Hofmann, Vladimir Ivanov and Thomas Wolf provided valuable input for the architectural design. In addition to BIM knowledge, detailed knowledge of standards and regulations, experience in implementation planning and the DELTA network supported a successful and punctual project completion.


About the client:

The ÖVW is a regular customer who has been accompanied by DELTA for many years and generally makes use of a very broad range of services from architecture to special competences such as building services and electrical engineering to local construction supervision.

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