Start of a mega-project with DELTA as general planner for the building construction zone in Sokolov, Czech Republic


DELTA is building a test track on behalf of the BMW Group. Not only the goal of the project has a high innovative value, but also the planning in the BIM model as well as the implementation of the Lean Construction Management methodology. At the end of 2018, the new project “BMW Group Future Mobility Development Center” started with DELTA as general planner for the building construction zone. Test tracks are being built in the Karlovy Vary region. The building construction zone has a floor area of almost 70.000 m2 and is planned with DELTA’s expertise and more than 40 years of experience in building construction projects. Also, a logistics room and parking spaces will be available for vehicle prototypes as well as for employees, visitors and service providers. Erik Stefanovic, CEO at DELTA, explains:“This project is of major importance for the Czech economy. We are very pleased that this project will create a real benefit for the people and the region”. The management of the cooperation between the participants is a central aspect of this project; DELTA understands the importance of a project culture based on partnership for the success of a construction project and applies the lean management method together with the project participants. DELTA supports BMW as one of the first to apply Lean Management already in the planning phase. So far, all challenges in the project could be mastered successfully with the help of this method. The cooperation also works well because there is a constant search for joint solutions. Wolfgang Kradischnig, CEO and Spokesman at DELTA, explains: “The highly complex planning of this extensive project together with the 2nd general planner requires a positive project culture and a good basis on the relationship level. Therefore, time is invested and the interpersonal level is managed just the same as every other area of the project; because in an interdisciplinary and international building project, different cultures meet, and they have to be brought to a common denominator.” In a complex project like this, the common denominator is indispensable. Effective communication and a clear process ensure that the participants merge into a perfectly coordinated team in the joint planning process using the associated 5D BIM model. The BIM 5D model contains all relevant information of the 3D model as well as the cost and time schedule. International teams in particular are strengthened by a good project culture because communication and cooperation must be clearly defined from the beginning and are not just “nice to have”. This initial situation is used to deal in detail with the optimal process for all project participants and to learn from each other. Since its foundation more than 40 years ago, DELTA believes that success is only possible with cooperation based on partnership, appreciation, openness and respect. DELTA’s social design workshops define clear roles, expectations and processes. However, workshops and team building alone are not enough to finish a project successfully. It requires a continuous process which all participants are willing to engage in with constant reflection and feedback. DELTA takes up this exciting challenge and thus makes a valuable contribution to the further development of digitization. Construction work is expected to begin in spring 2020 and the test track will go into operation in 2022. DELTA BIM-Team at the BMW project (from left to right: Architect and CEO Adam Cifra, CEO Erik Stefanovic, Architect Sabrina Schubert)