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DATENPOOL – new release of our CDE solution for the management of construction projects

At Netconsult we have started to update the existing data pools to the new release. With the new release comes many features that significantly improve plan management in construction projects and enable online editing of attachments with Microsoft Office 365.
Important for existing users: Be sure to clear your browser cache before working with the new version. You will find useful information on this when you enter the “Datenpool”.

The new features are:

  • Automatic impression of QR code when uploading plans.
  • Send infomail and close container
  • New arrangement of function buttons
  • Impression of watermark on conditional release
  • Integration of Office 365 for online editing of attachments


Arnold Koller (Datenpool Manager of the DELTA Group) highlighted the following at a recent panel discussion at FH Wien on the topic of a Common Data Environment solution for construction project management:

“We have to focus on the networking of project teams when it comes to digitalization in the construction industry!”

This once again underlines the claim of the “Datenpool” (data pool) as a management software for optimal support of the project team.

You can find more details about the new version of the “Datenpool” on

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