Diakonissen Linz: Completion of the new OP building

The Klinik Diakonissen Linz is the only private hospital in Upper Austria. Since 2012, the entire building complex has been renovated step by step and brought to the state of the art. With the project now realized, the surgical area was completed as the heart of the clinic.

On the second of January 2019, the new surgery building of the Diakonissen clinic in Linz was opened. Four new surgery and side rooms as well as the necessary logistics and technology were completed in December 2018 at the existing location. For the new surgery area, component A, which was built 30 years ago and has a surface area of 1,500 m2, was rebuilt on levels 0 (OP) and +3 (technology) during ongoing operation. Throughout the entire construction period, work was carried out without interrupting the operations on the lower floor. In the wards above the construction site, business as usual was also maintained.

Klinik Diakonissen Linz, Holding Area


As general planner, DELTA was responsible for the smooth running of the project. During the construction period, including the commissioning of a total of 19 months, construction, building technology and architecture were successfully implemented. The new surgery area has been thought through to the smallest detail from the static basic structures to the placement of each power socket and coordinated with the on-site personnel. A coordinated and well-founded 3D-planning made this result possible.

Klinik Diakonissen Linz, OP Area


“The biggest challenges in the project were to keep the operation of the existing surgery area directly below the construction site in confined spaces of the clinic running, as well as to satisfy the inpatient and immediate neighbors. Precisely this preparatory work and the resulting trust together with a positive project culture within the entire team (builder, planner, performer) have made this project so successful. The projects were partly clarified in innumerable coordination discussions with building owner and users and a great confidence in the project team could be created.”, explain Heike Leonhardt (responsible project manager at DELTA) and Philipp Sohm (responsible planner at DELTA).

Klinik Diakonissen Linz, operating room

“It was a great honor for us to be allowed to realize another highlight for the Diakonissen Linz with the new operating area in this long-standing successful partnership.”, says Wolfgang Kradischnig, CEO and company spokesman at DELTA.


Let us guide you through the new OR in our project video:

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