World Bank. Consultations of primary health care centers, Ukraine

Project details

Customer: World Bank

Duration of the project: 2016-2021

DELTA Ukraine services:

  • Tender Preparation, Procurement and Processing
  • Analysis of technical solutions
  • Audit of outpatient clinic premises
  • Technical monitoring of repair works
  • Development of standards. Templates and recommendations
  • Consultations on medical and technical issues

Features of the project:

  • The selection of objects for reconstruction was carried out with the support of DELTA on the basis of a developed questionnaire.
  • Tender inspection was carried out for 28 objects.
  • Optimization and reconstruction of outpatient clinics as one of the components of the project. This component involves the reconstruction of existing dispensaries in different regions of Ukraine. construction of new hospitals. preparation of premises and installation of medical equipment in special medical institutions.
  • Development of standards and recommendations to improve the quality of medical services in organized emergency departments in multidisciplinary intensive care hospitals, with a special emphasis on acute inpatient stroke care.
  • The recommendations include the best international practices for use in Ukrainian hospitals.
  • The second stage included improving the efficiency of the health care system in Ukraine by carrying out capital reconstruction in selected existing treatment and prevention facilities with the aim of equipping emergency care centers capable and ready to provide the necessary care to stroke patients.