UNICEF. Social infrastructure for internally displaced people, Ukraine

Project details

Project client: UNICEF with financial support from the German government and the German Development Bank (KFW).

Duration of the project: 2020-2021.

DELTA Ukraine services:

  • Technical Supervision
  • External consulting, which includes quality control of materials and works, monitoring of compliance with environmental protection, compliance with safety techniques for construction and installation work, confirmation of the scope of completed works, monitoring of compliance with the project schedule.

Project goal: One of the key problems of the Ukrainian social protection system can be characterized as a systemic failure to prevent, proactively identify and holistically respond to the growing social needs of vulnerable children and families, especially in the most deprived and risk-prone areas in eastern Ukraine. To help the situation in Eastern Europe, UNICEF initiated a consultancy project on the design and delivery of services to oversee the improvement of social infrastructure for internally displaced families.

Features of the project:

  • The project involves the reconstruction of 11 centers of social facilities in Eastern Ukraine (in Bakhmut, Soledar, Druzhkivka, Siversk, Mykolayivka, Novopskov, Chmyrivka, Bilokurakyny, Troitskyi, Mariupol and Sartan).
  • Projects included thermal modernization, replacement of engineering networks, project verification, supervision of reconstruction and repair works.
  • The social goal of the project is to provide quality services to families who find themselves in difficult life circumstances and cannot overcome them on their own; who were relocated with children; poor people with children; who raise a child with a developmental disorder and/or disability; who suffered from violence; in which the child is at risk of being placed in a residential institution.
  • The project involves the reconstruction of premises for service centers, in which the structure must necessarily include: a space for day care of children, premises for group classes, offices of specialists (psychologist, speech therapist, and others), an office-type kitchen, a toilet, in which inclusivity of premises is ensured.