Zeppelin SK s.r.o. operating premises in Bratislava

Project details

Project details

New operating premises of Zeppelin SK s.r.o., a leader on the market of CATERPILLAR-brand construction, earth moving and quarry machines and energy systems in Slovakia. The back-office facilities of the new building will serve as the Bratislava branch of Zeppelin SK s.r.o. for sale, rental, maintenance and repair of Caterpillar machines.


Zeppelin SK s.r.o.


  • Location: Bratislava – Triblavina
  • Type of building: two-storey operating premises of Zeppelin SK s.r.o.
  • Total area of the main building: 2,132 m²
  • Office premises: for approx. 40 employees
  • Company premises: 14,400 m²
  • The operating area includes: administrative part, including the customer contact zone, construction machinery rental, spare parts warehouse, maintenance boxes and other exterior technical facilities, including a washing line.
  • Staff facilities: kitchen with canteen and roof terrace
  • Construction start date: March 2021
  • Construction completion date: October 2021


DELTA Services

  • Tender management
  • Project management
  • Cost management
  • Investor’s technical supervision
  • OHS coordinator

Special Features

  • Due to the diligent management of the tendering procedure, it was possible to reduce the initial construction costs while meeting the requirements for the quality of work.
  • The cooperation with Zeppelin GmbH is not accidental in Slovakia. It builds on the successful cooperation during the expansion of Zeppelin GmbH in Ukraine, thanks to which DELTA Group was also recommended for the project in Slovakia.

Investor’s opinion on the current cooperation:

“To assess our cooperation, I would like to highlight the precision in working with data and analytical skills of the DELTA team which significantly contributed to the successful outcome of the tendering procedure.

It was thanks to DELTA’s professional approach, detailed and analytical tender management that we succeeded in meeting all our financial and quality assurance goals which were set together at the beginning.

Zeppelin SK s.r.o. is a strongly customer-centred and quality-oriented company and in DELTA, we have found a strong partner whose corporate culture and the values they focus on are so similar to those adhered to by us.”

Ing. Peter Bancík, CEO of Zeppelin SK s.r.o.