A new large-scale Co-working Center of Spaces Maidan Plaza


A new ambitious project has emerged in the Kyiv real estate market; Spaces Maidan Plaza, one of the capital’s largest co-working centers. Spaces offers creative workspaces with a unique atmosphere – business-friendly but yet creative – in hundreds of business centers around the world.

“In Kyiv, a favorable situation has emerged for the growth of the coworking industry – on the one hand, the maximum business activity is observed in the capital, on the other, Kyiv is in the global trend of the rapid growth of alternative formats of workspace organization. Companies are increasingly opting for office and coworking services since this avoids investments in their own office equipment or long-term inflexible lease-related business obligations. In this situation, the main difficulty is finding suitable facilities to open new centers. The iconic location in the heart of Kyiv was the best choice for launching the new Spaces brand. This is the first company of this size in Ukraine, so we open Spaces in stages, in three stages – this is probably the main difficulty in the opening stage, because the first clients could not see the full scale of Spaces”, Julia Litvinenko,director of Spacescomments at the opening of the new object.

Spaces are located in the business center of Maidan Plaza, which is in the same building as the Trade Union House on Independence Square. The space of 5.000 square meters will provide about 600 jobs.

In addition to the office space, the resident’s services include meeting rooms, regular business and lifestyle events.

Residents have ready-made office infrastructure, Internet, business-class telephony, office manager, kitchen and cleaning service. All of this is available through a handy app that makes it easy to browse through the gallery, search and book rooms and manage your profile.

The Spaces coworking network belongs to the British international company IWG, which is already represented in Kyiv by Regus projects. The new project will have a different positioning: bright colors, modern interior, ultra-fast Wi-Fi, location in the heart of the city. The authors of the project focused on another consumer: young, ambitious, creative.

“A multi-brand strategy allows us to offer the right solutions to any audience,” commented Yulia Litvinenko, Spaces director. – We focused on office design, networking, events and creating a business community. At Spaces, we bring together entrepreneurs and small businesses and corporate clients alike, creating a conducive environment for business communication, the generation of new ideas, and productive work in a dynamic environment. Our spacious business club is a popular place where you can either focus on work or chat with interesting people or take part in one of our events. ”

DELTA Ukraine performs project management, cost control, quality control of the completed works and verification of project documentation. and verification of project documentation.

“Multicultural teams work together and as a result create something unique for Ukraine and the international community,” WolfgangGomernik, CEO of DELTA Ukraine, comments on the Projects. Reporting, standardized tools, and mobile work were important. All participants needed an “extra mile”, working on nights and weekends.

„DELTA Ukraine coped with the tasks, studied the requirements of our brand, compared to local standards and helped to realize our wishes on the project as best as possible. We performed a check-out at every stage of the project“, Yulia Litvinenkocommented.

“We control the quality of finishing works, compliance with the requirements of Spaces on the site, we perform quality control of materials, their compliance with the project and regulatory documentation, control of supporting documentation, inspection of hidden works, testing of engineering systems, confirmation of the volume of work performed, control of executive documentation” – Volodymyr Ostapenko, project manager of DELTA Ukraine at Spaces.