DELTA People

Dieter Greiner

Greiner Dieter, Geschäftsführer DELTA Projektconsult

Dieter Greiner is co-owner of the DELTA Group and CEO of Delta Projektconsult GmbH and teambau GmbH.

His main areas of responsibility include BIM, tendering, awarding and accounting, local construction supervision and public applications. He started his career at DELTA in 1997 parallel to his studies as an employee in the local construction supervision department. After gaining some years of experience, he took over the position as a project manager. In 2008, he became CEO of Delta Projektconsult GmbH. His largest projects include the project management of the City Park in Graz and the FACC Technology Center. After his education at the HTL for mechanical engineering in Wels, Dieter Greiner graduated from the FH in Graz in 2000 with a degree in “Construction Planning and Construction Management” and 2008 he also completed his master ‘builder’s degree. He likes to spend his free time travelling and sports activities such as hiking, tennis and running.