Culture, Communication and Processes

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Culture, Communication and Processes

Social design & partnership-based project management

Every construction project starts with a project team consisting of various players: the client, planner, project manager, contractors, etc. A project can only be successful if we make a team of all these actors and have a common goal in mind. At the beginning of a project, the rules of a partnership-based project culture are defined within the team. Clear roles, responsibilities, procedures and processes with respectful communication and conflict culture will inevitably lead to more success in the project.

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Teambuilding as the perfect project basis

The expectations of the project team members, but also possible challenges and solutions should be communicated and taken into account by everyone at an early stage. This results in common rules of the game, which the entire project team is committed to. Often, project participants assume that everything possible to create a partnership-based project culture is already done with a single workshop at the beginning of the project. However, creating a positive culture is a continuous and ongoing process that must be actively reflected upon and cultivated.

A culture of partnership leads to success

We need clear roles and responsibilities, transparency, trust and commitment within the team for a project to be successful. DELTA helps you to develop a common vision that will lead us to our goal. Successful project management requires a solution-oriented conflict and feedback culture and mutual support. This is only possible through project management at eye level, and mutual appreciation – the most important component for success is people. The conviction that people are the decisive success factor in each project is what makes our culture so unique and so effective through the following steps: 1. Common orientation and common goals 2. Clear organization of cooperation and communication structure 3. Transparent and efficient processes 4. Common rules of the game 5. Conflict and feedback culture

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