DELTA People

René Noisternig

Noisternig Rene, Prokurist DELTA Baumanagement

René Noisternig is shareholder and authorized officer of Delta Baumanagement GmbH and head of the legal department of the DELTA Group.

He started his career as an employee of DELTA in the legal department in 2007. After 5 years, he moved to another business sector. In 2015, he celebrated his “comeback” at DELTA and, after gaining international experience, he became the location manager of the former DELTA Salzburg branch. He then became an authorized officer in DELTA Baumanagement GmbH and also head of the legal department of the DELTA Group. After his visits to Vienna became more frequent, René Noisternig moved to the Vienna location in 2019. In 2019, he also became a co-owner of Delta Baumanagement GmbH. He completed his studies in business law at the LFU Innsbruck. René likes to spend his free time with as many outdoor sports as possible – whether mountain biking, touring skis, or even a fly rod.