DELTA People

Zbynek Kovar

Zbynek Kovar_Prokurist DELTA Tschechien

Zbyněk Kovar has been shareholder, authorized officer and the driving force behind the business development of DELTA Czech Republic and Slovakia since 2001.

He proved his first successes in project management in leading international projects. Especially in projects for multinational corporations, his exceptional skills in the organization and effectiveness of project management, even under complicated conditions, have proven their worth. His main focus is on acquisition as well as on the development and maintenance of partnerships in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. His greatest strengths include the simplification, rationalization, and streamlining of work processes as well as the accompanying control in projects. His work is characterized by a strong focus on solutions and detailed technical knowledge. His commitment, infectious energy and endurance have already resulted in many successful DELTA projects. These include the DOCK IN office building for the Crestyl Group, projects for world-famous companies such as TPCA, Metro and Makro Cash and Carry, Mahle Behr, Witte-Zugangstechnik and many more.