Brose office building and production hall, Prievidza

Project details


Brose Prievidza, spol. s.r.o.


  • Construction period: 7/2017 – 9/2018 (14 months)
  • Type of construction: two-storey office building, one-storey production hall – phase II
  • Built-up area: 19.800 m²
  • Construction coordination: 18 craft companies
  • Investment costs: EUR 19 million

DELTA services

  • Project management
  • Technical supervision of the client
  • Consultancy and accompaniment of the client
  • Local site supervision

Special Features

  • Use of PlanRadar for defect rectification.
  • High quality with maximum reduction of construction time
  • International team (Austrian and Slovak DELTA employees)
  • The second floor of the administrative building is connected to the hall in the form of a gallery with two suspension bridges, which also serve as rest areas