Multi-asset project management for Esterhazy

Esterhazy real estate’s major project launched in 2018 including a new hotel, an office complex as well as 60 newly built apartments, was successfully completed. DELTA Group has been responsible for the project management of this exciting construction project for the last 5 years – and due to its many years of experience and expertise in all 3 assets, DELTA Group was the perfect partner for Esterhazy.

3 projects, one big goal

The already existing office building was rebuilt and extended by an annex. Thus, on a total of 4 floors, there are now top-modern new working worlds, which are rented out. The office extension is directly connected to the newly built Hotel Galántha. The 4-star superior Hotel Galántha offers guests not only a stay at the highest level but also seminar rooms and an exclusive spa and fitness area. Other highlights are the publicly accessible areas of Rooftop Bar with a wonderful view of Eisenstadt and Lake Neusiedl as well as the restaurant Paulgarten.

The third part of the project consists of 4 residential complexes with a total of 60 high-quality new condominiums that have already been awarded. These are characterized by sophisticated architecture and are in the middle of a green oasis of peace. This special project contributes significantly to the attractiveness of the Eisenstadt location. “We are pleased that with this construction project, we have fulfilled the wish of many visitors for a high-quality hotel in Eisenstadt and have been able to make a further contribution to tourism and thus to value creation in the region. At the same time, we have created living space close to the city and are contributing to the revitalization of the city center,” says Mag. Jürgen Narath, Head of Esterhazy Real Estate.


Multi-asset management 2.0

The central location of the project also meant a variety of challenges for DELTA project management. Due to the central location, the construction pit enclosure, underpinning, and construction logistics, which had to ensure a functioning delivery and removal of materials, were tasks that required a great deal of attention.

Due to the different pace of construction implementation of several assets, the time schedules had to be perfectly planned and coordinated with numerous project participants. The different performance periods ran in parallel and therefore had to be managed just as precisely. The individual treatment of the different assets played a central role, as, for example, in the apartments, the preservation of privacy was central, while in the hotel and office, other requirements had to be met.

Cooperation as a success factor

The challenges were successfully met thanks to the high level of commitment and cooperation of all those involved in the project. Among other things, cultural workshops organized by DELTA ensured that the common goals were achieved. The use of the digital communication and documentation platform Datenpool, developed by DELTA itself, ensured efficient and transparent digital project management, as everyone was able to work together on this central platform. The targeted klimaaktiv certification of the hotel represents a special indicator of the commitment to sustainability and goes hand in hand with the DELTA values

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